Saturday, April 20, 2019

The next generation of Google Pixel Buds can support gesture control, but can the "most disappointing" problem be solved

When the Google Pixel Buds headset was just released, the official cool feature demo attracted a large number of fans, and fans agreed that this pair of headphones made sci-fi become a reality, and the future will affect the world.
However, the result is that although the sound quality, endurance, and on-call Google Assistant assistants are very pleasing, this headset is still rated as one of the "most disappointing technology products of 2017" by users.Click here According to the media's evaluation, the "deficiency" of Pixel Buds is mainly reflected in the following reasons:
• Conversational translation experience: Although it is excellent to complete simple word translation, it is not enough to be a smooth cross-language real-time dialogue tool; in addition, the translation function only supports the Pixel series of mobile phones.
• Poor sound insulation: Although it is positioned as a noise canceling earphone, it is only a semi-closed design, and it is very easy to lose. Listening to songs in a noisy environment is not much better than ordinary headphones.
• Uncomfortable wearing: Many experiencers reflect that Pixel Buds' earplugs cannot be comfortably inserted into the ear canal, especially for users with smaller ear canals, which can be painful for a long time.
• Touchpad controls are frustrating: Pixel Buds' touchpads are too sensitive, even when they are hung around your neck, or when you put them in the storage box, they activate some operations because of accidental touches.
However, the consensus of the public did not let Google give up this product. Last month, Google announced that Pixel Buds has entered the UK, Germany, and Australia, counting the previous US and Canada, and it has been in five countries in just four months after its release.
Of course, the big channel is the same thing, and it is another thing for consumers to buy or not. To improve the product experience of Pixel Buds, Google is also poised to add new features to the next generation of Pixels Buds.
Recently, some developers found that Google uploaded the latest beta version of Pixel Buds in the Play Store, indicating that the next generation of Pixel Buds will support a series of gesture control features to reduce the error of the touchpad.
• Customizable side double-click action: Currently, double-clicking the right earbud touchpad will summon Google Assistant and get the voice service menu; in the next generation Pixel Buds, users can customize this action, such as defining a double click to jump to the next First music.
• “Intelligent Monitoring” changed its name to “In-Ear Monitoring”: Pixel Buds currently provides intelligent detection. When the right earbud is removed from the ear, the music will be paused; in the next generation, this function is named “Ear”. Internal detection", that is, once the right earplug is removed (including the external force from the ear canal), the Pixel Buds will go to sleep.
• Triple tapping the right earphone on/off: The only way to turn off the current Pixel Buds is to put it back in the charging box, and the next generation will use the triple tapping switch mode, which means “in-ear detection” after shutdown. The feature will be disabled.
In 2017, the headset industry ushered in a collective AI road. However, as a portable device that can be used anywhere, anytime, in addition to AI capabilities, good interactive performance and comfortable wearing experience are the most important basis for smart headphones. That's why in the latest beta, Google Pixel Buds are also focused on polishing the details of the product.

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